Will my knives get dull from hitting the nails on the Knife Album?

- This isn't likely. To start, the nails are sunken into the leather to create a pinch point under the head of each nail. A knife would have to cut through the leather under the nail head in order to connect with the nail.  In addition, the space allotted for each knife is calculated to be large than the knife we recommend for each space. For example, the space for a 2 inch wide knife is 2-3/4 inches wide. And as a final measure to prevent knives from contacting the nails we recommend that the spine of the knife be positioned as close to the nails as possible when initially breaking in a new Knife Album. In time the leather will loosen and form a pocket around the knife that will keep the cutting edge away from the closest set of nails. 

Can I put wet knives into the Knife Album?

- We don't recommend putting wet knives into the Knife Album.

Will the leather on the album hurt my carbon steel knives?

- Leather sheaths have been used to hold carbon steel knives for centuries. The more use a knife gets the less likely it is for corrosion to start, however, leaving untreated carbon steel knives in leather for extended periods isn't good. It's common for carbon steel knives to require more care and a little oil on a knife blade once in a while goes a long way, and certainly wouldn't be bad for the leather and wood either.