About Chef Folio

Right now Chef Folio is one maker with one product.

The product is the Original Knife Album - a new storage option for culinary knives. It functions like a traditional knife block by providing easy access to knives on the countertop and it can be closed to safely store and protect sharp knives in a drawer. It's size also makes it easy to transport. Clean lines and timeless styling finish out the Original Knife Album making it appealing to chefs of all flavors.

The maker is David Bodnar, a product designer and an aspiring bladesmith with a passion for all things culinary. David has an appreciation for products made with quality materials and craftsmanship—and he knows what it’s like to work the line in a restaurant kitchen. His idea for the Knife Album rekindled a lasting desire to fabricate his own brand of kitchen gear, so in 2014 David decided to go for broke and founded Chef Folio.

The goal is to remain hand made and its bound to be an adventure. We hope to meet you somewhere along the journey.

For more information contact us on FaceBook or through support@cheffolio.com.