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Knife Storage

knife storage with a dash of ingenuity

The Knife Album from Chef Folio is way more than a knife block. The Knife Album is the first product to tastefully combine the best qualities of blocks, rolls, and drawer units into a single knife storage option.

The Knife Album opens and closes like a book, a unique characteristic that gives the Knife Album its trademark versatility. This innovative concept allows the Knife Album to stand vertically or horizontally on the counter, or to be closed to store and protect knives in a drawer. And since the Knife Album is so compact, it’s easy to take along.

Knife Albums are handmade of bamboo or hardwood clad in oiled leather, giving them the weight and feel of an old leather-bound book. They are designed to accept additional knife panels to expand with knife collections, and customers can choose to make their Albums more unique with leather or bamboo etchings. We can create an ornate leatherwork pattern, or help to pass on a family tradition by etching one of Great Grandma’s recipes into the bamboo–in her handwriting!

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